Mike B.


I needed to lease out my home in Whittier and interviewed several property managers and realtors, Samuel and his professional staff were hands down the top pick. Even before I hired him he and his staff were in constant contact with me and gave me lots of great ideas to maximize the rental income potential. When it was time to put it on the market it was a no-brainer that Samuel was the right man for the task. As soon as I listed it with Samuel he had a lock box installed, the ads were placed on several web sites including his own, right away we started getting potential renters and after only about two weeks he found me a VERY qualified tenant.

Now for the management side of his business, after a couple of months getting my house ready to lease I did a lot of clean up and repair which meant I had a lot of receipts, which I was dreading having to organize, Samuel said no worries we'll take care of it. His staff created a beautiful spread sheet detailing every expense by category, I could never have done that. Prior to the tenant taking possession he did a walk through and documented in detail in writing and with pictures the condition of the house so there is no chance of confusion when the tenant leaves. New Century Realty has an Owner Portal where I can access documents and I'm alerted if there are any new documents for me to review. On top of all this their fees are beyond reasonable, in this day and age it's a pleasure to get great service at a fair price, good job to everyone there and thanks for making my life easier.

Review on TNCR Properties from Chino Hills, CA
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